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Dr. Sallie Allgood, Hillman Scholar UNC-Chapel Hill ‘19, has been awarded a National Clinician Scholars Program (NCSP) postdoc at Duke University. The NCSP Program offers training for clinicians as change agents driving policy relevant research and partnerships to improve health and health care. She will be working with leaders at Duke and the Durham VA to continue her work on the integration of community health workers in primary care systems.

Dr. Allgood had previously developed a community health worker training for a 5-year CDC funded grant, in addition to defending her PhD dissertation, “Active Ingredients of Community Health Worker Delivered Interventions to Reduce Cardiovascular Disease Risks,” at UNC-Chapel Hill. Her goal is to both recognize and professionalize the community health worker (CHW) workforce in North Carolina at the state level and will remain active in that conversation with this new endeavor.

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