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Gillian Adynski
Becky Hoover

Gillian Adynski (UNC, Chapel Hill, ’20) and Rebecca Fitzula Hoover (UNC, Chapel Hill, ’23) were part of the first cohort of nurses to be involved in the Clinician Leadership in Quality and Safety, a blending of the UNC School of Nursing, School of Medicine and the UNC Medical Center. The Hillman Scholars were partnered with leaders at the main hospital who were involved in hospital wide projects. Gillian was involved in the hospital wide roll out of the Nursing Resiliency Project which focused on ways to combat nursing burn-out. Rebecca was involved in the hospital wide roll out of the Quiet Time Project in which the goal was set to increase the restful environment for the patients through the decrease of noise in and round the roll, decreasing bright light use during night shift, and Becky Fitzula Hoover decreasing interruptions. Both scholars presented their work at the Clinical Leadership in Quality and Safety Symposium.

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